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Headlines Salon & Spa


We know your hair, nails, and skin deserve the best! That’s why Headlines Salon & Spa uses only the highest quality products that you won’t find in drugstores. Not only do we use our favorite brands on all of our services, but we also have these amazing products available for purchase. Ask your stylist how to properly maintain your style at home, and if there’s a product you want that you don’t see – ask if we can get it for you! Check out some of our favorite brands below.

Redken Yuba City CA

Headlines Salon & Spa is proud to showcase Redken, one of the first companies to consider science when approaching hair. Redken has kept their powerful formula since day one: protein + moisture + acidic pH = healthy hair. With scientific principles in mind, Redken offers a wide range of haircare lines that focus on this primary formula and remains the #1 professional hair brand in the USA.

Pureology Yuba City CA

Since 2001, Pureology has redefined haircare with 100% vegan formulas, zerosulfate® color care, and concentrated formulas. With beauty and integrity in mind, Pureology aims to create high performance formulas without compromising our planet and the animals among it. Color care without compromise = the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. Feel confident in your ability to both look beautiful and help the environment by trying out Pureology’s extraordinary color care.

Image Skincare Yuba City CA

From the start of IMAGE Skincare, science was a priority. IMAGE is proud to emphasize that their products and treatments are physician-formulated and trusted by 20,000 skincare professionals across 60 countries, using active ingredients, botanicals, and research to treat all skin types. Are you struggling with sun damage, acne, aging, or redness? If so, Headlines Salon & Spa is excited to help you target a solution using IMAGE Skincare’s proven effective treatments.

OPI CND Yuba City CA

Since it’s start CND has been leading the way as the nail industry’s most innovative brand. Founded in California in 1979, they were the first company to bring Gel colour to the nail industry. As the creator of the original SHELLAC Brand, CND offers a selection of long wear polish options in a variety of colors.


OPI, the world’s leading professionals in the nail care industry, focuses on safety and innovation when creating their special formula and color variety for their long-lasting and chip-resistant pigmented lacquers. OPI brings affordability into luxury, and you can see their formulas at work for yourself at Headlines Salon & Spa.

Vital Body Therapeutics Yuba City CA

Jennifer and Kelly, founders of Vital Body Therapeutics, began their healthy life journey by creating a clinical spa that reflected their vision: Vital Body Therapy. This healthy life journey led them to treat over 50,000 clients that were pleased to see results for their pain management. Since then, they’ve launched a CBD product line that is a natural extension of their core belief that movement, bodywork, and natural medicine are the keys to a pain free life. Their products are sourced from the most natural and effective ingredients that are reviewed for safety, benefit, and quality. Transparency is key when it comes to product ingredients, and Vital Body Therapeutics are advocates for conscious labeling. Relax, unwind, and see the vision for yourself at Headlines Salon & Spa.

PlantLife Yuba City CA

Beginning in 1994, Plantlife had a growing desire to create products made with pure essential oil and raw ingredients. This led to the manufacturing of all natural, aromatherapy products that feed your skin and restore your body. Made from organic herbs, 100% pure essential oils, raw plant oils and other natural ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that these aromatherapy creations are not harming the environment. Products from Plantlife are made in the USA, cruelty-free, chemical-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan (except lip balm).

Sonoma Lavender Yuba City CA

Sonoma Lavender was created over 20 years ago by Rebecca and Gary Rosenberg on a lush lavender farm nestled in the Sonoma Valley, better known as northern California’s famous wine country. The business started at Rebecca and Gary’s kitchen table with 50 pounds of lavender from which products were carefully created by hand and sold to nearby shops. As the demand grew, the business first moved into the nearby barn and then into a nearby workshop. The products being handcrafted expanded to include other intoxicating fragrances such as revitalizing Eucalyptus, brisk refreshing OceanAire, and woodsy Timber Lake. Today, the products continue to be handcrafted in the Sonoma Valley with the same meticulous care and attention of 20 years earlier. Some of our favorite Sonoma Lavender products that we carry at Headlines include their eucalyptus neck pillows and their lavender spa bolsters.